It's never about one guy, it's always a team effort. I owe a great deal to all the inspiring and talented people I have worked with. I'd do it again, anytime!

Martin Bussick | Digital Strategy Consultant & Project Lead

Martin has been a co-partner for more than 5 years now. He is  a pro communicator and project navigator with a rare sense of empathizing, yet steering a client. Always fun to work with, in a complex project, as well as on the bar after an accomplishment. Jiippii too, Mr. Bussick. My pleasure!

Pascal Hoffmann | UX/UI Interface & Visual Designer

Pascal combines a deep understanding of interaction design, visual styling and interface prototyping with skills that are hard to find in the rapidly evolving space between tech and design. Talking about gravitational waves, here is one, stretching time and warping digital space. Definitely not with Photoshop!

Daniel Solbach | Copy Writer & Content Creator

Daniel works as fast and to the point as he talks. Which is - if you ever get the chance to enjoy it - quite impressive, entertaining, and ultimately satisfying. Both in German and English, by the way. This guys has been engineered for the best outcome. Always a pleasure.